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An average UPS logs approximately 61,320 operational hours annually. Biannual preventive maintenance visits record the performance specifications of approximately 4 of those hours, in essence, leaving your critical support equipment unverified 99.999945% of the time. Furthermore, most PM visits are scheduled during the least critical time of facility operation. Diagnostics reported during such time frames will not coincide with normal operational activity and load demands. Standard UPS maintenance practices have been based on these snapshot reports of limited activity.

The annual maintenance plans have allowed equipment owners to safely budget for the complete maintenance of their asset equipment, including any necessary repair. It has also allowed for failure reduction by scheduling for regular inspection, cleaning and adjustments which slows the process of operational deterioration. What maintenance programs have not supplied is Prevention.

At Precise Power, we understand that you want to keep your critical support equipment in operation at all times and you want an annual budgeted price to ensure that end is met.

Violai! After several years of research and development, product verification and beta testing, we are proud to say that we now offer the industry leader in remote asset management- DigITech powered by Genesys. Our DigITech service retrieves and records all data information as managed by your system's microprocessor. All historical data is stored for trending capabilities allowing you to view equipment operational patterns and to identify shifts in performance. DigITech will also record operational hours of all major system components and recommend replacement according to the manufacturers' specifications of each. Finally, you can have complete knowledge of the operational condition of your UPS in order to manage it's health and ensure system availability.

Is DigITech monitoring?
By the dictionary definition, yes. However, if referencing other "monitoring" devices offered in conjunction with UPS systems, DigITech's capabilities far exceed all other options. Commonly referenced monitoring systems are actually no more than standard alarm devices. Once your equipment is broken or a significant event occurs, you will then be notified. DigITech will notify you and/or your chosen service provider when your system begins to operate even slightly outside its normal specified parameters. Therefore, you are warned of an incurring problem prior to unit failure.

DigITech is courteous. DigITech will only interrupt you if an emergent event occurs. If your facility experiences a power outage and complete transfer to critical support equipment is performed flawlessly, DigITech can be setup to simply email you with the event notification rather than waking you in the middle of the night to inform you that everything at your facility is functioning properly.

For further information regarding DigITech's capabilities, click here.

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The UL rating of your equipment may be at risk if maintenance is performed by an unlicensed service organization. Losing the UL rating would leave your company vulnerable to consequential liabilities relating to both the laws of your state and the laws instituted in the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. Read for further details....