About Precise

Precise Power is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your mission critical equipment. We offer a number of testing and analysis services to verify and validate the stability of your facility.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal inspections provide customers with a procedure that reveals defects or problems. This energy producing process converts heat into a visual picture. Advance knowledge of this nature allows facilities to take pro-active measures to correct potential problems before they occur. We would recommend this procedure to be an annual service. Precise Power provides a detailed inspection report along with solution recommendations.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Include:
Increased electrical system's efficiency, discounted insurance rates, failure reduction, and decreased risk of fire

Power Quality Analysis

Precise Power offers a Power Quality Analysis Program, conducted by trained and experienced field service engineers to isolate power irregularities and administer the proper solutions. Reliable power is key to sustaining the highest levels of operational efficiency. Factors contributing to power problems include: over voltage, under voltage, outages, electric noise and harmonic distortion. Power disturbances can adversely affect electronic devices, motors, processing operations and HVAC equipment which can potentially lead to data loss and permanent equipment damage.

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The UL rating of your equipment may be at risk if maintenance is performed by an unlicensed service organization. Losing the UL rating would leave your company vulnerable to consequential liabilities relating to both the laws of your state and the laws instituted in the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. Read for further details....