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In order to fully extend the life of your batteries and maximize the return on your asset investment, it is important to gain greater access to the constant condition of each battery in your system. While quarterly or biannual preventive maintenance is a suggested industry standard, that schedule was devised to reduce complete battery system failure. Today's technologies allow you to record and trend individual battery parameters providing tools necessary to actually manage your system by comparing operational costs and the benefit of system availability.

Precise Power offers the CELLWATCHTM as part of our systems management product line. CELLWATCHTM offers advanced system features and design characteristics which provide the most spatially organized and informative product in the battery monitoring industry.


Automatic, Online battery testing
Continuous monitoring of discharge current
Precise post power failure sequence analysis to pinpoint faulty cells
Proprietary software that clearly shows test results and alarm conditions
24x7 predictive monitoring assuring availability
Modular solution that allows for a tailored fit with any size or configuration
Convenient remote access by LAN, WAN, or modem
Reduction in maintenance costs and visits
Detailed historical data
Active management tools to forecast battery replacement

Modular Design

To meet the multiple configurations found at facilities around the world, CELLWATCHTM is designed in a truly modular fashion. For every four cells, a single DCM (data collection module) is required. For every 254 DCM's a Control Unit is required. And for every 31 Control Units, a Battery Monitoring Unit is required.

Ease of Installation
The CELLWATCHTM system is easy to install. Simple fiber optic cable connects multiple DCM's so there is no need for traditional harness systems. Lightweight DCM's are affixed either directly to batteries or to surrounding racks.

The CELLWATCHTM software is designed for plug and play compatibility. The intuitive system setup and configuration is operated via Windows controls. Battery testing is conducted on a scheduled basis and alarm warnings are easy to analyze.

CELLWATCHTM can be implemented as a freestanding monitoring product
or can be coupled with Precise Power's DigiTech service to filter data
through your existing network at a fraction of the cost.

DigiTech can be used in combination with all major manufactured battery monitoring systems to be included as part of your enterprise asset management program.


Cellwatch CW Remote Integrated Systems

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