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Because of the crucial role of battery systems with regard to mission critical support equipment, Precise Power has historically considered complete preventive maintenance a bi-annual necessity. While on-site, Precise Power engineers will perform a comprehensive preventive maintenance service on battery systems while other service organizations will only offer the extensive service on an annual basis. All battery performance verification test results are logged in our customer management database to consult for trending patterns and advance replacement recommendation.

Although battery manufacturers rate the life-span of batteries anywhere from 5 to 10 years, the reality is that most batteries will begin to show extensive signs of deterioration several years prior to the manufacturer projected date. The variance in UPS battery life can be attributed to several factors:
Ambient Temperature
Discharge Cycle frequency and duration
Environment and Maintenance

Weak or open cell batteries are the number one point of UPS failure, responsible for 97% of reported downtime. Regular battery maintenance can extend the life-span of your batteries by ensuring proper connections, locating less than ideal environmental conditions, and prematurely discovering any weak cells before it compromises the battery system as a whole.

Precise Power offers turnkey solution options from effectively locating, identifying and quantifying the status of your battery system, to repairing and/or offering upgrade option consultations. Precise Power is staffed and licensed to perform the services necessary to authenticate and improve the reliability of your DC power system. Our services include:

Onsite load bank testing
Runtime/load analysis
Enhanced facility planning
Load redistribution analysis and recommendation
Partial/Full battery replacement options
Environmentally conscious battery disposal program

All battery maintenance services are performed in accordance with IEEE Standards 1188

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The UL rating of your equipment may be at risk if maintenance is performed by an unlicensed service organization. Losing the UL rating would leave your company vulnerable to consequential liabilities relating to both the laws of your state and the laws instituted in the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. Read for further details....