About Precise

Precise Power, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is the nation's most established independent service organization in the power quality arena. Our revolutionary approach to providing turnkey solutions through proven electrical engineering planning and pioneering digital management has solidified our position within the market.

Our Success is built on our independence and innovation. Precise Power's loyalty is to the welfare of our customers, not to the products of any single manufacturer. This is a reassuring concept that validates our product recommendations to our customers, thereby creating an atmosphere of reciprocal confidence.

Our Vision is founded in our efforts to prevent our customers from being held hostage to a single manufacturer while also alleviating the stresses of facility management. This objective, set in the open market environment in which we operate, has further incited us to focus on research and development to allow the implementation of various manufactured equipment into enterprise systems.

Our Reward is paid in customer satisfaction. As a service entity, repeat customers secure our continuation and evolution. The quality of our service ensures our customer's return.

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The UL rating of your equipment may be at risk if maintenance is performed by an unlicensed service organization. Losing the UL rating would leave your company vulnerable to consequential liabilities relating to both the laws of your state and the laws instituted in the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. Read for further details....