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Precise Power is now offering DigITech as an optional service to traditional onsite maintenance. Precise Power has developed DigITech utilizing Genesys "patent pending" technology, a web-based, digital asset management and maintenance robot. DigITech communicates with microprocessor controlled equipment via its existing communications port utilizing the equipments' native language. DigITech performs complex mathematical equations on information as it is received so cost of operation, efficiency, and capacity are constantly updated. All mission critical information is made available thru a SSL website and can be accessed from any web browser. Providing facility management the technical information in a simple documented format will now allow fact-based decisions that will decrease ownership costs and increase systems reliability.

Fuctionality & Benefits

Communicates with all microprocessor controlled equipment via its existing communications port utilizing the equipments' native language. This allows management to access all asset equipment with one enterprise system and eliminates concerns of software compatibility in replacement equipment.

Calculates the MTBF of system components by age or hours of operation. Notification of impending end of life allows a practical time frame for budgeting for replacement.

Gathers and trends operational data which can be compared to manufacturer specifications to validate system operations.

Capable of disseminating between a problem alarm and a normal operational occurrence which eliminates nuisance alarms.

Records all maintenance activity supplying all necessary history and documentation in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley 2002.

System Advantages

Ladder logic notification design
Scalable alarm notification
Event priority notification preferences
128-bit SSL Encrypted
Remote, Web-based/ Online access
Event delivery options

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The UL rating of your equipment may be at risk if maintenance is performed by an unlicensed service organization. Losing the UL rating would leave your company vulnerable to consequential liabilities relating to both the laws of your state and the laws instituted in the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. Read for further details....